SooNet Inc., a software company based out of Harrisburg PA, announced the next update of their first mobile app, available for IOS. RankOut, the newest social media app, has been on the App Store since July 18, 2018 and has already reached the top 300 in most popular apps. This all-mobile experience offers more than just an opportunity to connect with others. The competition style environment that this app promotes will have users striving to get to the top, while enjoying all of the typical features of social media like posting pictures and messages for friends to see.

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With more than 525,000 downloads since the official release on August 10, 2018, this app is quickly becoming one of the hottest new apps on the App Store. With a 5-star rating, users are raving about the competitive style and nature of the app. One thing that separates this social media app from others is how rewarding it is to socialize and make new friends. By receiving points for adding a friend, the app encourages you to interact with and meet new people.

RankOut’s Key Features:

The number 1 feature of the app is Rank. Anything a user does on the app can result in gaining or losing Rank. Posting a picture or status, liking someone else’s post, commenting, or adding a friend can all result in gaining Rank. Reversing any of these actions will result in a user losing Rank. The app makes accumulating Rank fun, whether it is by adding new friends, playing games on the app, or adding your best friends to your squad.

The app also features a unique messaging system, where the messages delete after 24 hours. A similar feature was implemented for posting a status or picture and the user can choose the time limit for the post, whether it is 20 minutes or permanent, the user has complete control over what others will see.

About SooNet

SooNet Inc. aims to create an app in which everyone can enjoy expressing themselves and interacting with others, all while participating in a friendly competition to gain Rank and be at the top. Sean Adhikari, CEO of SooNet Inc., says, “We imagine a social media application being more private and secure, and one that brings new meaning to communication and human interaction.”

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